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We are a one man design studio, specialised in creative technology, web-design and the application of gaming technology (XR/VR) to create business solutions.


From websites, mobile apps, digital brand experiences to XR and beyond, I can help you achieve your goals. Below are some of the services I can provide:

Services Provided

Areas of expertise


  • Illustration
  • UX Design
  • Webdesign
  • Motion graphics
  • AI Assisted Design


  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • Dev-ops
  • Cross-platform Native
  • Web
  • and beyond...

User Experience

  • Concepts
  • Storytelling
  • Customer Journeys
  • Experiences
  • Chatbots


  • Rich Prototyping
  • VR and AR
  • Full-stack webdevelopment
  • API Mashups
  • AI
  • and more…



Concepts and storytelling

Creative consulting and problem solving

With over 10 years of marketing and advertising experience, I've been involved in many brainstorming sessions. As an eclectic personality, I'll always have a fresh and unique perspective to bring to the table, and can help you to turn your back-of-the-napkin ideas into loveable products or campaigns that can stand out in a crowded marketplace.

User flows and customer journeys

UX Design and information architecture

You have a digital product or service, but your users aren't having the best of times? Or do you have a brilliantly functional app-idea, but most people can't seem to grasp how to use it? Do you have a webshop selling awesome products, but customers aren't making it to the end of the checkout process? I can help you to re-think and restructure your applications or user flows in a ways that seek to optimise end user experience, all the while keeping your business and technology-related constraints top of mind.

Interactive experiences and games

Real time 3D applications

I started out in 2006 making online Flash minigames for brands such as KBC, Pepsi, Dodge, ... The past couple of years I have been almost entirely focused on mastering Unity3D, a powerful industry-standard real-time 3D engine. In that time I have released one full game--Journey For Elysium-- and made several prototypes. I am no stranger to the weird and wonderful world that is game-design. Do you have an idea for a game, but need a prototype to find investors? Are you an educator and want to make an educational game to help students better grok complicated topics? Are you an advertiser who needs a fun minigame to spruce up an online marketing campaign? I can help.



Illustration & Motion

Design and concepts

I've always been a very visually-oriented person, and am a pretty competent graphical artist, experienced with many different media, from traditional painting to digital 3D sculpting. I've been animating with Flash since the early 2000's, and know my way around modern Motion Graphics Suites such as Adobe After Effects, Da Vinci Resolve, or Blender. If you need a storyboard, animation, infographic or key-visual for your idea, I'm your man.

Digital Product Design

UX And Web

Once you have your user flows and customer journeys, how do you turn those into actual products? Wearing my UX designer hat, I can make concrete wireframes that turn into clickable prototypes, allowing you to test your products' viability before spending tonnes of time and resources actually building them. I take into account all the latest best practices regarding Accessibility and Usability to help solve all the thousands of tiny design decisions that go into making apps or websites that not only feel good to use, but accomplish their business goals.

Brand Identities

Leave your mark

I believe a good brand is about more than just a fancy logo and using nice paperstock for your stationary. A good brand tells a story, and that story should seep through every part of the total brand-experience. Through a process of workshops and brainstorms, I can help you to find your brand's story, and then to give that story form.

Latest work


Full stack Next.js powered update to this international art festival's website. Powered by a completely bespoke Contentful back-end. Made in collaboration with Lobster.




From MVP to MLP

Sometimes, a clickable wireframe alone isn't going to cut it. Sometimes, you need something a bit more involved to sell the potential of your idea. That's where I come in. Using a wide range of different tools and techniques, I can use anything from pen and paper cardboard mockups to fully immersive VR experiences to make testable, usable prototypes that you can take on the road to pitch your idea or project to potential clients or investors.

VR and AR

A whole new world

Virtual and Augmented Reality (often grouped together under the label XR) are emerging technologies that I have been following very tightly since the release of the first Oculus Rift devkits. I have made a game in VR, Journey For Elysium, and during my tenure I have experimented with Microsoft's Hololens, Apple's ARKit and web-based AR. Using Unity3D as my tool of choice, I have learnt not just how to write the code for interactive VR content, but also how to make the visuals and 3D assets that are optimised to meet the high performance needs for real-time virtual experiences that can run on consumer-grade hardware.

Rich web sites

Wow your visitors

If you want to make a website these days, there's a veritable cornucopia of available options that make the process easier and more accessible than ever. Hosted content management systems, e-commerce middleware, to one-click blogging engines or social media pages... there's no excuse to not have a website these days. However, if you want to stand out in a crowded field, nothing works better than to have a memorable and animated bespoke design for your online presence. Using modern javascript frameworks such as Next.js and all the power afforded by modern browsers, I can make dynamic, highly engaging websites that look good and perform well accross devices and browsers. Real-time 3D, vector graphics and complex interactivity... the only limit is your imagination.


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