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Watify: The Ever-Changing Logo

posted on 2014-11-01

Watify Process


The European Commission created a platform to help entrepreneurs take their business from the offline to the online world. The problem is that this ever-changing world makes entrepreneurs very uncertain and nervous. Instead of brushing this aside, the platform embraces uncertainty. Because uncertainty makes people sharp and makes them ask the right questions. Hence also the name of the platform: Watify (“What if I…?”)

Watify Process

I wrote a small app in Processing, which generated printable PDF's that could be imported in Illustrator or Indesign


At the time I was playing around with Processing a lot and I really wanted to use it for an actual project. When I heard the strategic briefing about “doubt being good”, my mind made an intuitive leap from “Doubt”, to “Uncertainty”, to the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle (I had also been reading a lot about Quantum physics).

So I wrote an app that would generate random elliptical sine-waves in a circular shape, which could serve as the foundation for the logo. The idea was that the logo should always be subtly different, accross all media in which it would be used: print, motion, digital, etc. The effect had to be subtle, both so that the logo would remain recognizable, and also so it would push the doubt to the backs of people's minds.

Watify Process 2

An overview of the various kinds of spirals the script can generate.


The logo launched on a special event and will be used in diverse media throughout Europe.

Watify Alternates

Some alternate designs before we settled on the name.