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Pepsi Max It

posted on 2009-05-12

Pepsi Max It Home

I conceived the site's setting as an over-the-top carnival.

Pepsi Max It Registration

Max It was Proximity's first (but not last) foray into the scary world of Facebook Connect.

Pepsi Max It Cabinets

The cabinets (and most of the rest of the site's design) were modeled and rendered in 3dsmax.

Pepsi Max It Game Intro

The view while we were connecting you to the live-stream.

Pepsi Max It Game

There was always going to be some lag between pushing the buttons and the video coming back, so we warned players to take the delay into account.

Pepsi Max It Concept Art

The sketch that started it all.


In the spring of 2009, Proximity BBDO launched its most ambitious (and successful) campaign for Pepsi yet: Pepsi Max It. The goal: users could remote control 6 real claw machines hooked up to the internet in our offices.

Using Flash, Photoshop, 3dsmax and Flex to craft the front-end and backed up by a custom-built .NET-based socket server hooked up to heavily modified claw machines, Pepsi’s Max It was probably Proximity‘s most ambitious project to date.

Me, Jan Algoed and Mark Hamill

Results: A record number of unique visitors, plus we won an Adobe MAX award for it!(Me, Jan Algoed & Mark Hamill @ Adobe MAX 2009 in L.A.)

I was lucky enough to be a part of the team responsible and as a reward got to join Adnerd Jan Algoed in going to L.A. to the Adobe MAX conference to pick up our award, from none other than Mark Hamill!