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Pepsi 4Max

posted on 2007-05-10

Pepsi 4 Max

Pepsi 4 Max

Pepsi 4 Max


In the spring of 2007 Pepsi Max scored big in Belgium with its innovative 4max campaign. A viral teaser site, real-life events with super-sized game-boards and human game-pieces, all backed up by a full-flash website and multiplayer connect-4 game.

A single-player "practice" mode was included of course. In a little over 2 weeks I wrote both the game, the (purposefully fallible A.I.) and its Java-based socket server to enable multiplayer games. Matthias Crommelinck built the rest of the site.


The campaign has won many awards over the years, including:

Eurobest 2008

  • Media finalist, Mixed Media
  • Media finalist, Best Use of Special Events
  • Interactive finalist, Interactive Campaigns

Proximity Worldwide 2008 (Milan)

  • Silver for Pepsi 4Max

Best of Activation awards 2008

  • Gold Advertisers Jury, Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Gold Press Jury
  • Bronze Creative Jury